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with grossly incompetent. that's what works for me. i built a career on it. >> now they're tacking and taxing. why getting behind the wheel could put you behind the eight ball. >>> after fbn reported it, the mileage tax, get ready for other states to follow suit. >> can you imagine the people of oregon going along with putting a gps in the car so the government can -- >> we were wondering how do they know how far you're driving? >> more states are looking into this as a way to raise revenue, putting black boxes in people's car to tax them by the mile. the devices can either track where you are and that has a lot of privacy experts worried. but should they? attorney says no, they should not. but michelle says, well you know what? this is the government going berserk. michelle, ye of little faith. >> of course i'm berserk over this. why do you have to know where i'm going? >> i'm not. it's the government. >> it's this little information, this is why we need this information-but it gross into something else, and this kind of information winds up becoming too valuable to other agencies. so, while
point for income is $62,040, so if that's your income you qualify for the tax credits and subsidies. you earn one more dollar than that you don't get any of them in our case, the peopleup, if our income was under that $62,041 level, our premium is 386, because we're over it, our -- >> no wiggle room. ian, no wiggle room? >> well, you know, you can always go to your boss and say -- >> go ahead. >> well, it's about 65,000 in pennsylvania. same sort of situation. not a lot of people are going to be able to get it. >> hang in there. this is not the exception. it's more common than you think. guys, we appreciate your coming on. >> neil, could i say one more thing? >> real quickly, george, yes, i'm sorry. >> there's no acid test for this. people with millions of dollars can qualify for all the tax credits and subsidies under the plan. meanwhile, working people who earn more than 64,000 are make more for their health care and that's really, really unfair. >> to put it mildly. thank you, george. >> meanwhile, back to these tricks and so-called treats. i have always thought a liberal came up with
. a lot of people will qualify for new tax credits under this law that will bring down costs even further so if you lose your job, or you start a new business, or you're self-employed or a young person trying several jobs until you find that one that sticks, you're going to be able to be insured. insurance that goes with you. and gives you freedom to pursue whatever you want without fear that accident or illness will derail your dreams. now this marketplace is open now. insurance companies are competing for that business. the deal is good, the prices are low. but let's face it, we've had a problem. the website hasn't worked the way it's supposed to over the last couple of weeks. and as a consequence a lot of people haven't had a chance to see just how good the prices for quality health insurance through these marketplaces really are. now ultimately this website, will be the easiest way to shop for and buy the easiest plans. you will see them next to each other and compare prices and see what kind of coverage it provides, but look, there's no denying it. right now, the websi
really bad. if you think of george h.w. bush with the no new tax, read my lips, and quhwhat's coming out,e stories that they knew in advance it was a lie, they knew it was untrue, whatever you want to say. and by the way, these arguments only 5%, only 15 million people, every time you have a story like in the "wall street journal" this morning about a woman with cancer is losing her doctor, her insurance, these things ripple everywhere. there a reason the president -- can you imagine? what did you think the president was going to do, go out and say told you a fib, vote for mcauliffe, he's a great guy. his numbers are going down. they are very sulucky this is coming so late in the game. >> if terry mcauliffe becomes virginia's next governor, democrats will pounce on that and say these naysayers about the health care law, they failed. it's not that bad. look what happened in virginia. what do you think? >> well, every contest is a choice between the two major party nominees. and this one is no different. there is a libertarian running. but he doesn't figure into the likely winner's circle.
is that if you can argue with the record amount of tax revenue the government had coming in this year, it's obviously not the money coming in that's the problem. it's that to keep up with spending it can't and that's the problem. so they look at the leadership among democratic party that we don't really have to do much about spending. we're spent looking after spending. what we have to do is get more taxes to pay for that spending. that to me seems upside down. what do you make of all this? >> no matter how you spend it in a federal budget that big, you would hope that republicans and democrats could at least agree to get rid of some of the wasteful spending. the fraud and abuse that target things like $23 million in medicare benefits to dead people. senator coburn's office does a great service putting together a waste book every year. last year in 2012 his waste book detailed $18 billion in government spending on projects that everyone should agree are not a good use of taxpayer dollars. there's room for cutting. it's a very difficult thing again to defend that the cupboard is bare. >> i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5